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Reviews of Complete Savings

Rather than talk about the benefits of Complete Savings, why not read these quotes from members who use the cashback programme.

"I use Complete Savings to get cashback on things I'd buy anyway, so I get something for nothing. The site offers better cashback than any of the truly-free equivalents."

~ Martin S, Complete Savings member

"I order a giftcard each month, utilise the monthly member bonus every month and earn cashback on purchases each and every month - with the added bonus that I get a cheque automatically each month when I reach earnings threshold. What I like most about Complete Savings without a doubt is the 20% discount on giftcards - a better return than any bank can offer. A brilliant way of saving for Christmas presents!"

~ D Lecroy, Complete Savings member

“It is fantastic to get some cash back for some absolutely necessary things which you will definitely go ahead and purchase anyway"

~ Srikanth V, Complete Savings member

"It has become a habit before buying anything online to check in Complete Savings. Most of the time, since Complete Savings gives more choice, I find big brands for less. I've introduced 2 of my friends to Complete Savings and they are using regularly"

~ Charles S, Complete Savings member

"Before buying, I check with Complete Savings for any available discounts"

~ Paul F, Complete Savings member

"I use Complete Savings for gift cards & cash back on various websites. I’m not a big shopper but in the past as an example I have purchased hotel rooms via cash back links, which made a small amount of money that helped to make the holiday cheaper. As well as the monthly bonus. It’s simple, straight forward and allows me to make money on items I buy. Its a win win situation! I have mentioned it to a few people and I believe they have signed up as I have stated its a win win if they do it correctly. The website is very fluent and works well. Its easy to use and is very easy to find shops and categories that I want"

~ James C., Complete Savings member

"I use mine mainly for booking flights/train fares to visit family and also larger purchases. I like the monthly bonus that I get back when I book flights to visit my family and the cash back I get when I make purchases"

~ Denise M, Complete Savings member

"I order gift cards and use SavingsKey to earn cashback. Because of the rewards you get more cash back through Complete Savings than anywhere else"

~ Julie D, Complete Savings member

"I order a gift card each month & get cashback. I like the simplicity & prompt payment. Complete Savings is a fantastic way to shop & save, covering a whole host of retailers. Very simple & convenient to order cards & cashback, highly recommended"

~ Gurmit D, Complete Savings member

"I order regularly from my favourite stores and have the satisfaction of knowing that I get the added bonus of cash back. The variety of shops and merchandise through Complete Savings is excellent. There is a great choice of stores and products and it is easy to use the website. A very worthwhile membership"

~ Alan A., Complete Savings member

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